Each season introduces new statement pieces that makes us feel majestic whenever throw those on. Obviously, this year, our wardrobe will be armed with bright pink coat, suedes, colourful furs, fringes attached on skirts, shirts and bags, pair of culottes and a car wash pleated skirt  which is today’s post is about! 💜

  Definitely, the “it-skirt” of this season is car-wash pleated skirt! The reason why I love the design so much is; It’s new but familiar and easy to combine but absolutely chic.

  Scroll down for the best looks form street style and runways; 👀


Christian Dior
Christian Dior -Runway
Street Style -Photo: JPMV
Photo: Style du Monde
Street Style- Photo: Style du Monde
Street Style- Photo: Damsel in Dior
Oscar de la Renta -Runway
From left to right: Suno, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Angelo Marani. Photos: Imaxtree



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