🌸🌸🌸Backyard of Chanel 🌸🌸🌸

It hurts to be just turned back from the city of fashion and fairytales, Paris. But, believe me, after the day I left Paris, the fashion week has been just started and It was the killer punch! I felt nothing about leaving, but I felt like a  girl who is tricked with a toy when I realised my flight is just before the day of fashion. I mean, heeelllloooo, IT’S FASHION AND PARIS what I have missed!

Back to my lovely Mac screen, I accompanied many brands on the catwalk b y watching them online or after show videos. With many inspirational shows, the most impressive one -not surprisingly- Chanel Spring 2015 Haute Couture!  While watching the show, I dreamed myself as if I had been invited to a tea party at the Backyard of the Chanel and all of other models are bouquets all around. 🌸☕️

chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-39 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-42 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-45 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-46

Not only the bouquets but Madam Coco has also being welcomed in the backyard of Chanel. I am talking about the inevitable, innovative, masculine and classic Chanel jacket which she proposed her view of women should felt comfy in what they wear with out giving up on elegance and simplicity.

Karl, -his name is such a brand!- has restyled the jacket without touching its spirit. You can still understand It’s a Chanel from miles miles away but It’s futuristic, blooming and definitely NEW!

chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-54 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-17 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-26 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-29

I could never imagine I would use a long long long skirt! I was a mini-girl. However, with this year, long and tight skirts invade our wardrobe with many variations and deep decollate! 😏

Karl, also used the trend of long-tight skirts in the collection with adding the Chanel soul in it. Would I use them, I am in doubt but they are beautiful for sure!

chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-47 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-43 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-32 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-25

What I adore through the collection is the view of ballerinas that are combined with the inspirations of Chanel. There might be two things that a child girl would wish to be, a princess or a ballerina. Well, there she goes with the new collection of the Karl, the lovely ballerina skirts! ✨

           chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-16 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-15 chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-72

Nevertheless, Chanel amazed me with its helicopter flowers, bouquets, ballerinas, pastel colours, simplicity and royality.

I insisted you to watch the whole show so I am adding some extra videos below.

Chanel does it right!

Tuana 🙂


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