They Say

There are limits. Either you accept or not, we all have certain limits that we do not wish to exceed. However, If you are a fashion addict, want to follow the news and the newest trends on fashion and shape your world around the art of the fashion, It’s far beyond the obligation but a must to follow the changes and broaden your limits accordingly. This is what I learn until I found out my love to “fashion industry” -love and admiration actually- and this is what I found really hard to apply in my life. 😫

Because, I absolutely “do” love to have a layout and what I can not do easily is to arrange my life according to someone or something; exceeding the limits of my wardrobe is hard to handle.

They say the current trend is what looks good on you, but it does not.

Have you ever had a glance on the pictures of your grandparents? You absolutely  have some pieces that you definitely use your today but in general they are “literally out of fashion.” Since, the fashion changed it way to the back 20th century, maybe it’s better to give an example from the hair styles of 1990’s or let’s remember the trend of thin eye borrows. The trend or the fashion is not what look great on you, but out of what is currently popular that suits on you and differs you from the people who use the same piece. That’s when you win the game of being “stylish.” 😏

Now, the trend is being abnormal. It’s out of your limits and it’s out of the mind. It’s the combination of art and creativity and what is unimaginable. It’s like finding the teleportation in the 21st Century.

Since the most important accessories for women are said to be bags and shoes, lets have a look on shoes for coming 2015 Spring. 👠

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen calls Gladiators back with a small difference, where is the heel? 😉
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang
Chanel, In love.
Fendi with the fish skeleton
Louis V
Louis Vuitton looks as an art piece!
Heels as Wheels from Marni!

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