Red and Black- Fashion of Bull Riders

Spanish people always sound very appealing for me. After all, they have both the Mediterranean and the Latin culture. With the new collection of Ralph Lauren, we had a great opportunity to get to know about their colourful world.

Rodeo- Wildness, Sexiness and Masculinity

Ralph Lauren made a collection for “spring/summer 2013”; however, It has some pieces that can be used during the fall and winter. 

 The collection is actually the combination of artista and bull rider style. 


The handworks on the pieces smells Mediterranean culture, giving the wildness of the rodeo tradition. The elegancy and charm of latin women can be observed from the fragile design of pieces. The creativity and craziness of an artista can be seen from accessorises; from the painter hat, long and feathered earrings, scarfs that are tighten gently and colourful necklaces. The masculinity of the women, also the bravery of the women, is reflected through the pieces by use of closed neck style shirts.

The combination of Art with a Bull Rider


A latin women is coming with her charming walking style, fragile body structure and of course her artista hat with drapery shirt. Her    plenty trot trouser starts from her corsage to the very end of her high-heeled and platformed shoes.


Through the collection, we come across many combination with light blue and black; which creates the picture of a swan in my mind. I don’t know why a swan, but the politeness of the clothes is given by the colours.

The collection has many pieces for casual use which can be combined with different pieces to form formal look.

The artista hats are really useful and gives sophistication to women.


     The simplicity of the collection is coloured by colourful and big stoned; long jewels which is used over and over again through the collection. Ralph Lauren prefers to use them by wrapping around the neck which gives dynamic view through the simplicity.


Also, the use of cloaks are attractive in the whole collection. They represent the cloaks of matador, many colours represents different emotions during a Rodeo; I guess.



The cloak looks like a handmade product, as If it wasn’t manufactured; which, gives the feeling of wealthiness and uniqueness on that piece of the collection. It’s one of the pieces that can be used easily in spring, fall or winter and can be combined with range of different pieces.


The Colour of Red, White and Black

The collection exactly gives the passion of Tango; the art of love, sadness, passion, intrigue, mystery, secret.. Through the collection, red, white and black is combined and the most assertive pieces of the collection is created.


…The passion of Red

…The innocency of White

…The loyal selfishness of Black



  The collection shows all of the faces of a Latin women, the strength, the art, the passion, the selfishness, the dancer… The collection tells us how women use innocence and get what is wanted.

There is something that make people to feel the silence but diddling. The collection is the combination of feeling which is awesome.

The best thing is, all of the pieces can be used in the daily life. Those melon hats or the white dress above; or the matador’s hat… All of the pieces are enough by themselves to form a fashionable look.


Accessorises are Remarkable


Through the collection; accessorises are breath taking!

Belts: Belts are used to evince waists remarkably thin. In daily life, this kind of tightening belts can be used when bulky shirts or skirts from under of the chest are worn.

Bags: For me one of the most special pieces of this collection is the bag on the right side of this page. It’s different from the ones that we see; remarkable compared to all of your girlfriend’s bags. 😉
Shoes: High-heeled shoes are really attractive. Their heel high is useful for women. Also, designs and hand-made works on shoes gives the sexiness expected from the Ralph Lauren fans.


Some splendid works from collection;












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