Count Dracula is Alive!

An Impressive Collection 

I was scrolling down through the pre-collections of 2013-2014 fall/winter, all of a sudden; I was impressed with the collection of Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton ,the creative women behind the  McQueen‘s collections, presented the Pre-Autumn-Winter 2013-2014. The collection turned my head with its retro style under the influence of  pilgrim journeys, Baroque view  and vampire sense.


   The first thing I remembered when I saw the collection is Castle of Count Dracula. The collection is cold, plain, cruel and blood-thirsty. It has a strict simplicity and made me remember the adjective: cold-blooded. Actually, this adjective refers to Dracula, too. Count Dracula’s soul is manufactured really successfully on some pieces of the collection refers to vampire diaries and the soul is reflected through us.

Then I felt the holy-design of dresses. The holiness of dress reminds me the big churches that I visited in Italy, especially in Florence. I felt the suppression of church that is reflected with Baroque design.

Of course, not only the aversive side of church is manufactured in the collection but also pilgrim, pureness and sinlessness.


Between the fear and faith of the church, I stopped for a minute and thought, the two different life; fear of the God and satisfaction of the faith. It couldn’t be shown better through the design of the collection. I adored.
The collection has many well-established works! Simplicity hooks and the royalty influences.



The collection has pieces for daily use. By wearing the piece at the left side of this writing, you will look so elegant, for sure; all eyes will be on you.




The collection has pieces that can be used in special nights. These pieces are the pieces that I hope to see on the red-carpet.


Pieces are very well designed and created that the simplicity turns your head.  The pieces are satisfied, not too much appealing and not too much simple. They are at the appropriate design! The aristocrat look and soul of dresses will amaze everyone!





It looks bloodless but has different appealing. It gives confidence to women. She looks as If she says “I am done.”

She (the dress) is sure about herself and she knows how to behave and talk. She is innocent, sinless but can turn back to black easily.

She looks unhappy, but happy with her unhappiness. She is a misery. The misery, the unsolved thoughts under the dress gives charm.

The dress do not require any jewel or arty crafty hair styles. The dress should be combined with dim make-up.

Nothing should be excessive.

Adorable, Isn’t it? 




With the new collection of McQ; we turned back to Dracula’s time, Baroque age and feel the holiness and fear of the faith. From another perspective, something that we met by DISNEY, Elf Shoes are back.

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